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Our Cambridge National Award in Creative iMedia is being developed for home educated students interested in Games Design.

Please note that this course follows the updated iMedia Specification for teaching from 2022 (J834).


Your gradebook will show you the grade for each assignment in your course. You can expand each section and click on individal assignments to see your feedback:

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Class sizes for Creative iMedia are restricted to a maximum of 10 students. Course costs include coursework authentication & marking – exam fees & registration are not included. Exam regiatration is through Tutors and Exams Centres.

The National Award in Creative iMedia is a GCSE equivalent qualification that involves the completion of three assessed units:

Unit 1 : Creative iMedia in the media industry (exam based)

Unit 2: Visual identity and digital graphics (coursework based)

Unit 3: Digital games (coursework based)

For a free introduction and detailed information about this course, please complete our Creative iMedia Pre-Enrolment Course

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