We’re delighted to announce that as of September 2021, we are an Ofsted registered provider as a tuition centre.

As a centre that is voluntarily registered with Ofsted, you can rest assured that we are compliant with:

  • Placing the physical and mental well being of our students as a top priority
  • Safeguarding for children (All staff hold enhanced DBS and we have first aiders on site)
  • Our premises has been identified as safe for students and staff

Childcare Vouchers, Salary Sacrifice, & Tax Free Childcare Scheme

If you are a working parent, you may be able to register to pay into a tax free childcare scheme to pay for tuition and groups which are held outside of standard school hours. These may reduce your overall costs by up to £900 per parant, per year.

Students are eligible up to the age of 11 for Tax Free Childcare (or 16 if they have a disability), and up to 15 for Childcare Vouchers & Salary Sacrifice Schemes.

To check your eleigibility please visit Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website www.gov.uk/tax-free-childcare or call their help line on 0345 300 3900.

Working Tax Credit & Universal Credit

If you are currently claiming Working Tax Credit or Universal Tax Credit, you may be eligible for assistance with up to 85% of weekly childcare costs including tuition and groups held outside of standard school hours (this includes our holiday and after school clubs).

For example, for a student attending a weekly 1-2-1 tuition session and 1 after school session, you could expect to pay as little as £7.80 per week with the remainder covered by tax credits.

To check your eleigibility please visit Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website www.hmrc.gov.uk/taxcredits or call their help line on 0345 300 3900. Please note that we cannot offer financial advice and the outcome of your claim will be decided by HMRC based on your personal circumstances.

Student Childcare Grants

If you are a full time students and eligible for financial help from your college, you may be eligible for a grant of up to 85% of fees where your child is aged 14 or under. Please talk to your college or university to discuss your eligibility.

Ofsted Inspection – December 2022

We will be inspected by Ofsted on 13th December 2022. If you are a parent who wishes to contribute to the parent survey, please check your email for the link.

Please expand the section below for live results of our current parent survey:

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Feedback from parents

The feedback below has been shared with consent.

[su_content_slider autoplay=”10″] [su_content_slide class=””] [su_testimonial]It is a very good setting to allow children with SEN to engage in well thought out content aligned with the national curriculum. My son has been too ill to attend in person but he can follow the course at home and join in if he feels able. His tutor is very good and gentle and the quality of the resources and lectures are excellant. I would strongly recommend them.[/su_testimonial] [/su_content_slide] [su_content_slide class=””] [su_testimonial]My child was unwell for an extended period of time and Holly was extremely supportive and provided reassurance along with updates about work required. Also, my child has commented that they feel able to raise any queries or concerns if they had them, but they haven’t as of yet and are extremely happy on their course. They also feel their privacy and their needs are well understood and respected.[/su_testimonial] [/su_content_slide] [su_content_slide class=””] [su_testimonial]Holly takes the time to work with the individual needs of my son and support him to learn at his own pace, and yet still have high expectations. She recognises potential and sets her lessons accordingly and I value the relationship she has established with my son.[/su_testimonial] [/su_content_slide] [su_content_slide class=””] [su_testimonial]The group and 1:1 Computer Science tuition my son receives is outstanding. High expectations and appropriate challenge, using a dynamically delivered syllabus, mean he has achieved excellent results. More importantly, he now enjoys this subject too. Holly is a remarkable and inspiring tutor who has built a wonderfully supportive learning environment, for all learners. I frequently recommend this provision, as a way to help a struggling student excel.[/su_testimonial] [/su_content_slide] [su_content_slide class=””] [su_testimonial]Holly and the team at Teach All About It are very warm and friendly. They focus on the needs of the child, they’re very inclusive and offer a safe and fun environment for children to mix, meet other children with similar interests and to grow in confidence. My son does the weekly DnD Club and the holiday clubs and he loves them. They’re very well run and a lot of fun. Communication from Holly and the team is always very good. Thank you for everything you do![/su_testimonial] [/su_content_slide] [su_content_slide class=””] [su_testimonial]My son had struggled in formal education – and only had a level 1 qualification. With the support from Teach All About It, and particularly Holly, my son is now taking a Level 3 qualification in IT. It’s exciting to see how this confidence is now spreading to other areas of his life.[/su_testimonial] [/su_content_slide] [su_content_slide class=””] [su_testimonial]I cannot recommend TeachAllAboutIt highly enough, my child had been through a tough time at a mainstream high school, meeting Holly at TeachAllAboutIt gave them a whole new purpose and self belief, and was a turning point for them both academically and for their mental health.[/su_testimonial] [/su_content_slide] [/su_content_slider]

My child is happy at this setting

My child feels safe at this setting

The setting makes sure that its young people are well behaved

My child has been bullied and the setting dealt with the bullying quickly and effectively

The setting makes me aware of what my child will be learn / be doing when they attend

When I have raised concerns with the setting they have been dealt with properly.

My child has SEND, and the setting gives them the support they need to succeed.

The setting has high expectations for my child

My child does well at this setting

The setting lets me know how my child is doing

The setting supports my child’s wider personal development

I would recommend this setting to another parent