The TeachAllAboutIt Tuition Centre is situated within an old building, however we have added a number of features to make this more accessible to adults and children. If you have any additional access requirements, please do get in contact and we will do our very best to assist.

Getting Here

The full address of the tuition centre is 303 Tarring Road, Worthing, BN11 5JG. We encourage everyone to make use of the excellent public transport links to the centre, but understand that this is not possible or practical for all.

By Car: There is a number of on-road parking areas around the centre without restrictions however these are often used by residents and often unavailable. There is a public car park 180m containing 38 spaces including 4 blue badge bays.

Map showing distance from Station car park to Tuition Centre

By Train: West Worthing train station is 180m away from the centre with even pavements and drop curbs.

By Bus: The closest bus route stopping by the centre is the number 10 route. This stops 400m from the centre and requires you to cross West Worthing railway crossing. Alternatively, you may wish to use the Pulse which has a walk of 350m from West Avenue travelling North towards Tarring Road.

You can use the interactive map below to find the best route for you by clicking “more options” and entering your address instead of “Centenary House”:

Getting In

The centre is accessed fromt the pavement. The main doorway is 96cm wide.

There is a 110mm step up into the centre which is accessed using a 6ft temporary ramp. We are currently working with Access to Work to install a more permanent ramp. Inside the door is a 40mm step with a doormat making this a 35mm shallow step.

(A Google street view has been provided below)

Getting Around

To assist those who require physical access to the centre, we have provided detailed information below regarding the physical layout of the building. The centre is all at ground floor level. However, there is a level change between the front and rear of the centre which has ramped access.

Floor Plan of Tuition Centre
Floor plans for the TeachAllAboutIt Tuition Centre
(click image for a larger version)

Front Tuition Area

Quiet Study Area

The floors in the front of the centre are hard painted white wood. Walls are white, with a single grey wall at the front. The front windows are covered by a frosted film to prevent the public from seeing inside, but allowing natural light into the room. Lighting in both sections in via yellow tinted standard bulb (no strip lighting).

All furniture is easily movable and can be rearranged to accommodate access. Tables are black metal & dark wood, chairs are black metal & brown faux leather (pvc). Individual student desks are 66cm tall at the front and are adjustable to an angle with a ridge to hold a laptop or tablet.

Tutor Co-Working Desk 1
Tuition space for independent tutors to hire with us.

The back section of the front tuition area is laid out for two 1-2-1 tuition spaces with Windows PCs on each. The desks are 75.9cm high and are easily movable to accommodate wheelchairs. Carpeted rugs are placed in the front and rear sections of the room to dampen noise.

Tuition may take place at the computers or main desks. The main office router is situated in the front of this room.

In the video below, a full walkthrough of the centre is shown including audio for those sensitive to noise. The wheelchair shown in the video is an 17″ active user chair.

Middle Room – Office

From the front tuition area to the back rooms. There is a doorway (79cm wide) with a right angle left to a corridor (86cm wide) leading to a second doorway 79cm wide. This door has a step down of 100mm with a fibreglass doorway ramp with grip surface.

The middle room, used as an office is carpeted in short pile mid-blue carpet with white walls and a central bulb light. This leads to the back rooms through a doorway (78cm wide).

Back Room – Office

The back room, used as an office and quiet tuition is carpeted in short pile mid-blue carpet with white walls and a central bulb light. This room contains a rear secondary emergency exit (74cm wide) with a large 140mm step down to an external path. This room leads to the kitchenette & toilet through a doorway (78cm wide).

Kitchen & Toilet

The bathroom is 154cm x 140cm in size and is not wheelchair accessible. The toilet is accessed through a doorway (79cm wide) with a 20mm step down. The toilet & basin are both standard height.

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