Week 5 – Cloud Storage & Computing

Welcome to week 5 of KS3 Computer Hardware!

Before the live lessonAt the live lessonAfter the live lesson
Please watch the videos below & complete activity 1Join Holly to look at how we use cloud storage & computing!Complete this week’s quiz!

After this week’s lesson you’ll be able to:

Knowwhat the term “cloud” means
Explainthe difference between cloud storage & computing
Discussthe benefits & drawbacks of cloud computing

Lesson Video

Activity 1


This week, I’d like you to log into your Google Classroom & add a new slide to our collaborative revision document. Add a new slide with:

  • Your name
  • The date
  • Information about something you’ve learnt this term (make sure it’s different from other slides!)

Activity 2

What did you write?

Follow along with the Activity 2 questions in this week’s video. I’ve added a timer so that you have 5 minutes to complete each question (if you need longer, just pause the video).

Write your answers down as we’ll be looking at them in the live lesson!