Week 2 – Input & Output Devices

Welcome to week 2 of KS3 Computer Hardware!

Before the live lessonAt the live lessonAfter the live lesson
Please watch the videos below & complete activities 1 & 2Join Holly to look at how peripheral devices help us to extend what our computers can do!Complete activity 3 & this week’s quiz!

After this week’s lesson you’ll be able to:

Identifydifferent types of input & output device
Chooseappropriate devices for different tasks
Researchthe types of peripheral that help people with disabilities

Before you watch Holly’s video lesson this week, please watch this introduction video:

Video Lesson

Extra video

The video below explains how assistive technology can help people with disabilities.

Activity 1

Make a list of as many input devices that you can think of. Use your lists of computers around the house to help you.

Remember that an input device is hardware that lets the user put data into the computer.

Input devices

Activity 2

Make a list of as many output devices that you can think of. Remember that output is any device that takes data from the computer and sends it out to the user.

output devices

Activity 3

Use the interactive card below to sort the devices into inputs & outputs. Click on the Blue Check button at the bottom left to check your answers.