Course Introduction
Half Term 1 - Computer Hardware
Half Term 2 - Programming an Interactive Advent Calendar
Half Term 3 - More About Malware (e-safety)
Half Term 4 - Programming in Python
Half Term 5 - Codebreaking with Spreadsheets

Extra Information For Parents

Our KS3 Computing course allows your child to follow a course of study based around the latest British computing curriculum, informed by our work with the National Center for Computing Education. Students learn at their own pace, covering the key aspects of Computing: ICT, Digital Literacy, & Computer Science.

Our KS3 courses are divided into 3 separate courses, allowing student to progress to GCSE at a pace that suits them best. Each of our KS3 courses are aimed at students aged 11 – 14 and are led by qualified tutors who specialize in distance learning.

As part of this distance learning course, students have the option to access a weekly live class (term time) covering different aspects of the course. Live classes are run by our IT specialist tutors and have been designed to give students the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback on their progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our course covers a curriculum in line with year 7 – 9 in British schools and our tutors are linked to the British Computer Society’s Education arm, Computing@Schoool (& NCCE). All assessments are against the National Curriculum KS3 standards or above.

The full KS3 curriculum is covered over the three KS3 courses but does not prevent students from progressing to GCSE. At the end of each KS3 course, students are set an online test which indicates a suggested next stage of study.

Does This Course Include Live Tuition?

The course has been designed as a stand-alone distance learning course, but includes access to an optional weekly live class for students our students. To allow our tutors to provide individual assistance and build strong relationships with our students, we limit our group sizes to 10. Where our enrolled numbers exceed this, we will implement a second group.

How Do I Access The Live Class?

Once you have enrolled for the option which includes live classes, you will have access to the “Live Lessons” link at the top of the course. This includes a direct link & countdown to each Zoom lesson.

Do I need any additional resources / textbooks?

Whilst the course has been designed to include all of the information required to study our units, you will require access to certain software to allow you to prepare for the practical aspects of the exam.

It is assumed that you will have access to an Office application for spreadsheets. Other units require a free website account to access them (Repl & Scratch).

Does The Course Include Practical IT Skills?

Yes. We ensure that all of our courses from KS3 to A Level include practical aspects in both the independent lessons and live classes. You can expect your child to be guided through practical IT skills through a series of projects helping them to understand everyday office applications in addition to the Computer Science skills of programming and understanding data.