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GCSE Computer Science Masterclasses

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About Course

EASTER: 28th March – 17th April
(no live classes)

To pay in instalments, please select “pay by invoice” at checkout and add a note to let me know which option you prefer.

Options are available for 32 weekly payments of £17, or 9 monthly payments of £54

These classes are aimed at students in year 11 studying GCSE Computer Science looking for extra help with revision in a small live online class throughout the year.

This courses uses a combined learning approach that encourages an understanding of why topics span all exam boards and what your own exam paper or assessments will look like:

What You Should Do Each Week:

Before the live lesson:

  • Watch the recorded topic video
  • download & try the exam-style questions
  • print the note-taking sheet
  • Check your progress using the online gradebook

During the live lesson:

  • Use the notes sheets to record your progress
  • Join in with the activities (every class is interactive!)

After the live lesson:

  • Complete the practice tasks to help with revision
  • Try the quiz for revision
  • Submit the weekly practice questions for marked feedback
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What Will You Learn?

  • 32 Key topics for GCSE Computer Science
  • Exam technique for Theory Papers
  • Practical Programming Skills
  • Present your programming as pseudocode or program code (Python)

Course Content

Lesson Recordings & Notes

  • Lesson Recordings, Notes, & Attendance

Week 1 – Binary & Hexadecimal Numbers (Taster Lesson)
This first week is set up as a taster lesson to allow you to understand what is included in each of the masterclasses.

Week 2 – Python Programming (Sequence, Selection, & Iteration)

Week 3 – Bitmap Images & File Sizes

Week 4 – Searching Algorithms

Week 5 – Sorting Algorithms

Week 6 – 1D Arrays in Programming

Week 7 – 2D Arrays in Programming

Week 8 – The CPU & Processor Performance

Week 9 – Translators & Low Level Languages

Week 10 – Network Hardware

Week 11 – Interpreting Algorithms with Trace Tables

Week 12 – Network Addressing & Protocols

Week 13 – Programming Skills & Pseudocode

Week 14 – Logic Gates & Truth Tables

Week 15 – Primary & Virtual Memory

Week 16 – Flowcharts for Programming

Week 17 – Types of Network

Week 18 – Beyond Arrays : Records & SQL

Week 19 – Malware & Other Threats

Week 20 – Defensive Programming (Robust Programs)

Week 21 – Utility Software & Data Safety

Week 22 – Characteristics of an IDE

Week 23 – Testing & Test Tables

Week 24 – Compression Algorithms

Week 25 – Encryption Algorithms

Week 26 – The Internet & The Cloud

Week 27 – Long Answer Questions (Legal)

Week 28 – Long Answer Questions (Ethics)

Week 29 – Exam Question Walkthrough (Theory)

Week 30 – Exam Question Walkthrough (Programming)

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