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Week 1 – Binary & Hexadecimal Numbers (Taster Lesson)
This first week is set up as a taster lesson to allow you to understand what is included in each of the masterclasses.
Week 7 – 2D Arrays in Programming
Week 8 – The CPU & Processor Performance
Week 9 – Translators & Low Level Languages
Week 10 – Network Hardware
Week 11 – Interpreting Algorithms with Trace Tables
Week 12 – Network Addressing & Protocols
Week 14 – Logic Gates & Truth Tables
Week 15 – Primary & Virtual Memory
Week 16 – Flowcharts for Programming
Week 17 – Types of Network
Week 18 – Beyond Arrays : Records & SQL
Week 24 – Compression Algorithms
Week 25 – Encryption Algorithms
Week 26 – The Internet & The Cloud
Week 27 – Long Answer Questions (Legal)
Week 28 – Long Answer Questions (Ethics)
Week 29 – Exam Question Walkthrough (Theory)
Week 30 – Exam Question Walkthrough (Programming)
GCSE Computer Science Masterclasses
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Introducing Binary

Welcome to the GCSE Computer Science Masterclass on Binary & Hexadecimal. Please watch the videos above and below, and then download the tasks before attending the live lesson. Most lessons will include just one preparation video, however this is a fundamental topic that will help you throughout the whole course.

Student Tasks

This week’s task is a little different as we’ll be creating some more notes and completing a practice worksheet for binary numbers.


Before you complete the worksheet, make sure that you have downloaded & printed these two sheets. Add these to your computing folder and add your own notes to them.

These sheets work best when you complete them in colour: colour in the key words, add your own notes & doodles, and highlight important information with colours.

That was a lot of practice questions! If you’d like me to look at your binary conversion questions or take a look at the notes that you’ve completed, upload it below (I’ll be collecting in the whole project in week 6).

Live Lesson Recording

You’ll find all of the live lesson recordings on the “Live Lessons” page. As this lesson is also made available to new students, a copy of this week’s class recording is below. Please expand the section below to access both.

Week 1 Live Lesson & Notes

In The digital notes above will help you to to create revision notes as you work through the recorded and live lessons.

If you prefer to write these using the coloured notes, you’ll be given a copy through Classkick at the start of each live lesson.

For programming units, this is where you’ll be able to write your code

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