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iGCSE Computer Science – Year 2 (Live) – September 2024

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About Course

Year two is studied over 28 Weeks, where we’ll be covering the more complex topics, improving your ability to work with programming concepts, and prepare for the final exam.

There are 28 weekly lessons in this course which will guide you through the steps needed to prepare for the final iGCSE Computer Science Exams. This leads on from our year 1 introduction content & does not cover the full course. Scroll down to open each lesson.

Each week, you should follow a similar pattern:

Complete the introduction online lessons Attend the live lesson Submit your weekly assignment

For this year’s lessons, you will need:

  • A free account at to write your code
  • A Google Account for sharing documents
  • A free student Classkick account

CIE iGCSE Computer Science (0984/0478)

Covers both theory & practical papers

✔ 28 weeks of guided learning

✔ Weekly assignments with marking & feedback to help with your EHE reports

✔ Practical python challenges

✔ Learn through interactive content and live lessons

✔ Online help from an experienced & qualified Computer Science teacher (and home educator)

✔ Mock Exams & exam preparation

If you need help during your course, click on the “comments” tab at the top of any lesson – this will let you send me a message (please don’t add personal details to comments). When you ask for help, it’s really useful to include:

  • What problem you have found
  • If you’re stuck, what have you tried so far?
  • If you’re having technical issues, what device you are using
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Course Content

Progress Reports, Lesson Recordings, & Attendance

  • Personal Progress Report From Year 1
  • Live Lesson Recordings, Attendance, & Notes

Week 35 – High and Low Level Languages & Programming Challenge 8

Week 36 – Types of Translator & Programming Challenge 9

Week 37 – Features of an IDE & Programming Challenge 10

Week 38 – Domain Name Servers & The Role of The Internet Browser

Week 39 – Creating HTML Web Pages & The Role of ISPs

Week 40 – Creating HTML Web Pages Part 2

Week 41 – Understanding Logic Gates & Programming Challenge 11

Week 42 – Understanding Logic Circuits

Week 43 – Identifying Types of Database & Understanding Database Structures

Week 44 – Understanding Database Tables

Week 45 – Selecting Data from Database Tables

Week 46 – Practice with SQL

Week 47 – Understanding Blockchain & Tutor Marked Assignment

Week 48 – Automated Systems & Programming Challenge 12

Week 49 – Ethics for Automation & Programming Challenge 13

Week 50 – Robotics in Industry & Programming Challenge 15

Week 51 – Robotics in The Home & Programming Challenge 15

Week 52 – Assistance Robots for Disabilities

Week 53 – The Impact of Plagiarism

Week 54 – Artificial Intelligence

Week 55 – Exam Question Walkthrough (Theory)

Week 56 – Exam Question Walkthrough (Programming)

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