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Week 2 – Understanding Visual Identity & Brand
Week 12 – Sourcing Secondary Assets (& Copyright)
Week 13 – Exporting & Presenting Work
Week 16 – Coursework Task 1 : Planning Part 3
Week 18 – Coursework Task 2 : Part 2
Week 19 – Coursework Task 2 : Part 3
Week 20 – Coursework Task 2 : Hand In Deadline
Week 21 – Animation
Week 22 – Animation
Week 23 – Animation
Week 24 – Animation
Week 25 – Animation
Week 26 -Animation
Week 27 – Animation
Week 28 – Animation
Week 29 – Animation
Week 30 – Animation
Week 31 – Animation
Creative iMedia : Year 1 (Animation 2024)
About Lesson

This is a coursework unit that is marked out of 70 with 42 hours of lesson & homework time with another 12 – 15 hours of coursework.

This unit is aimed at students who are particularly interested in digital art and animation, and includes design of visual elements of developing animated films and clips. At the end of this unit, you will be assessed on your ability to go through the entire process of designing and development.

What Software Will I Need?

You will need to be able to both design and make your animation in a format that meets the criteria from the exam board. To do this, you will need the following software:

Please note that all lessons are produced for Windows. If you are using Apple or Linux, all software is cross platform, but there may be differences in the software setup and I may not be able to .

Although there are many other software packages that can be used for animation, I have identified these as being the best ones to meet the exam board regulations and availability on multiple platforms.

How I Authenticate Your NEA

The OCR Exam board requires you to produce your coursework in medium conditions. This means that I must supervise enough of your coursework (NEA) completion to allow us as tutors to confidently confirm that the work you submit is entirely your own.

This means that:

  • 6 hours of your coursework will be completed within our live lessons.
    • These are compulsory and cameras must be on for these lessons.
  • Work is completed and recorded through my Google Classroom which includes monitoring.
  • All work will be checked using a plagiarism checker before marking.
    • I recommend that all students check their work is below 10% using a checker such as Grammarly
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