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Week 2 – Understanding Visual Identity & Brand
Week 12 – Sourcing Secondary Assets (& Copyright)
Week 13 – Exporting & Presenting Work
Week 16 – Coursework Task 1 : Planning Part 3
Week 18 – Coursework Task 2 : Part 2
Week 19 – Coursework Task 2 : Part 3
Week 20 – Coursework Task 2 : Hand In Deadline
Week 21 – Animation
Week 22 – Animation
Week 23 – Animation
Week 24 – Animation
Week 25 – Animation
Week 26 -Animation
Week 27 – Animation
Week 28 – Animation
Week 29 – Animation
Week 30 – Animation
Week 31 – Animation
Creative iMedia : Year 1 (Animation 2024)
About Lesson

Is this a GCSE?

This course is a Level 2 Cambridge National – this is the OCR equivalent of a BTEC. That means that you will be studying a GCSE equivalent course that includes a large amount of coursework. Although this is not a GCSE, it is equivalent to a full GCSE and is accepted by colleges and 6th forms in the same way as a level 2 BTEC.

The OCR Cambridge National Creative iMedia course was updated from 2022 with a new structure that gives students more opportunity to complete practical projects throughout the course. You will have the opportunity to complete two practical pieces of coursework over the two years of Creative iMedia

A level 2 course is equivalent to a GCSE Pass at grade 4 – 9, where level 1 is a pass at grades 1 – 4.

Our Cambridge Nationals are high quality, vocational qualifications aimed at 14-16 year old students. They are designed to meet the Department for Education’s characteristics for Technical Awards and for inclusion on secondary schools’ performance tables.

OCR (2021), Understanding Cambridge Nationals Qualifications

Why is The Title of The Course Creative iMedia?

Creative iMedia is the formal title of the course, but there are a range of different options for units of study which allow you to study different aspects including animation and games design. This course includes the Animation option.

Can I study different optional units?

At present, I am only offering the Animation and Games Design options as courses as each course requires lots of student support. This allows me to dedicate time to producing the best study resources for you that I can.

What Will My Results Look Like?

Unlike GCSEs which use a 9-1 system for grades, Cambridge Nationals use a similar grading system to BTEC, but allow you to access a full range of Pass to Distinction at both Level 1 & 2. The table below shows the grade boundaries that are used for the whole course (all three units) after adjustments have been made for UMS.

UMS is an adjustment to the grade boundaries each year to ensure that students are fairly assessed even though exam papers are different.

L2 Distinction*L2 DistinctionL2 MeritL2 PassL1 DistinctionL1 MeritL1 PassUngraded
GCSE Equivalent9 / 876 / 54321U
Grade Boundary (average after UMS)90%80%70%60%50%40%30%0%
Published grade boundaries can be calculated online here

How Is The Course Structured?

Just like a GCSE, you will be studying for 120 guided learning hours (this is the time to complete the online lessons, live groups, and homework) plus an additional 30 hours of Non-Examined Assessment or NEA (you may know this as coursework).

The course is divided over two years with 30 weeks in year 1 and 30 weeks in year 2. Each academic year runs between September and June.

The full course is divided into three units – you must complete all of these to sit the qualification.

Unit 1 (R094) : Visual Identity and Digital Graphics – Non-Examined Assessment (10 – 12 hours) : 25% of the course

Unit 2 : Animation (R093)– Non-Examined Assessment (12 – 15 hours) – 35% of the course

Unit 3 : Creative iMedia in the Media Industry (R093) – Written Exam (1 hour 30 mins) : 40% of the course

From 2022, all new vocational courses will be restructured to require you to sit the exam at the end of the course after all other units are completed (this is not just for the iMedia course).

In the diagram above, you will see when each of the units will be completed with an option to resit coursework units just once.

Are Registration & Exam Costs Included in the Course?

As I am not an exam centre, parents/carers are responsible for exam registration. Instead, I have partnered with Tutors & Exams to offer a discounted partner rate for exam registration. The cost of the Creative iMedia course is for tuition and NEA marking/authentication only.

Your exam must be sat at an approved exam centre and coursework must be submitted to the exam board through them too. As this is a vocational course, we must be approved by the exam centre to offer Cambridge Nationals and as such can only accept students who are registered with Tutors & Exams centres for this exam.

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