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Live Lessons – 22/23
Week 2 – Understanding Visual Identity & Brand
Week 12 – Sourcing Secondary Assets (& Copyright)
Week 13 – Exporting & Presenting Work
Week 16 – Coursework Task 1 : Planning Part 3
Week 18 – Coursework Task 2 : Part 2
Week 19 – Coursework Task 2 : Part 3
Week 20 – Coursework Task 2 : Hand In Deadline
Week 23 – Games Design
Week 24 – Games Design
Week 30 – Games Design
Week 21 – Animation
Week 22 – Animation
Creative iMedia : Year 1 (Games Design)
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Below we have added some extra questions that are frequently asked by home educating parents about the Creative iMedia (Games Design) course. If you would like to ask us a question that doesn’t appear below, please do get in touch at

Is iMedia a GCSE?

The Cambridge Nationals at Level 1 & 2 are equivalent to GCSE level study. In a similar way to a BTEC, students will sit an exam component with several coursework components that are marked and authenticated by our tutors and must meet the criteria for students studying at a GCSE level.

How long will the course take to complete?

The exam board described the size of the qualification in terms of both Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and Total Qualification Time (TQT). GLH indicates the approximate time (in hours) that your child will spend completing the lessons in this course or completing the assessment activities. Total Qualification Time includes independent study such as extra research, practice, and independent tasks.

OCR states that the time for the Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National in Creative iMedia is 120 GLH and 155 TQT.

Our courses are designed to be studied September to June each year during term time and as such represent 30 weeks of study per academic year. This means that there is approximately 2 hours of guided study per week in this course with an additional 30 mins – 1 hour independent study.

Is the exam Included in the course?

We work in collaboration with the Tutors & Exams private exam centres in order for you to access the exam & registration for the Creative iMedia course. In order to access the full course, parents are required to:

  • Register with us for course access & NEA authentication
  • Register at our discounted partner rate with Tutors & Exams for the exam & registration

We cannot authenticate coursework without confirmation of registration.

Can I register with an alternative exam centre?

As the Cambridge Nationals require us to go through an authentication process with the exam centre and coursework must be verified through an exam board appointed person, only students registered with Tutors & Exams will be eligible to attend the iMedia course with us at this time.

My child wants to complete an alternative Optional Unit instead of Games Design. Is this possible?

We are currently offering the two mandatory units alongside the optional Digital Games or Animation units. You will be able to make a choice between these at the end of year 1.

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