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Live Lessons – 22/23
Week 2 – Understanding Visual Identity & Brand
Week 12 – Sourcing Secondary Assets (& Copyright)
Week 13 – Exporting & Presenting Work
Week 16 – Coursework Task 1 : Planning Part 3
Week 18 – Coursework Task 2 : Part 2
Week 19 – Coursework Task 2 : Part 3
Week 20 – Coursework Task 2 : Hand In Deadline
Week 23 – Games Design
Week 24 – Games Design
Week 30 – Games Design
Week 21 – Animation
Week 22 – Animation
Creative iMedia : Year 1 (Games Design)
About Lesson

This is the final unit in the Creative iMedia course as you must sit the exam after completing both of the coursework units. The exam unit is worth 40% of the whole course and will be sat at your chosen exam centre.

This is a written exam unit that is marked out of 70 with 48 hours of lesson & homework time with no coursework element.

The first available sitting of this exam is January 2024, but we expect our first students to sit in June of 2024 to enable us to fully authenticate coursework units. The new rules on exam units means that this cannot be sat until the end of your course.

Throughout this unit, you will be given a set of activities to help you learn everything that is needed for both the exam and to take Media forward to your next level at either A Level, T Level, or whatever your choice is next!

What Do Lessons Looks Like?

Below is an example of a recorded lesson which is an introduction to the R093 mandatory exam unit from Judith:

This unit includes a number of different topics which you will learn through a set of recorded lessons which are then supported by downloads, quizzes, and our weekly live lessons. This means that a week during term time will look like this:

Before Live LessonLive LessonAfter Live Lesson
Watch the recorded lesson video & complete “before” tasksJoin your tutor for additional teaching of the topic, practice questionsComplete the additional lesson tasks & quizzes

Your exam will include a range of questions that include multiple choice, short answer, and essays.

As this is a new course, there are no current past papers but we do have a set of example questions that we have developed to use through this unit for practice before your exam.

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