TeachAllAboutIt Awards & Rewards are included in all of our courses as a way to recognise your progress through the course and give you tangible rewards for completing learning along the way.

What are Points?

Each time an award or new course rank is earned, you’ll be awarded points. The total number of points that you have earned each term will be shown on your profile on the home page.

At the end of each term, your points will be changed into a voucher that you can use towards future courses and purchases on the TeachAllAboutIt website – the more you complete of your course, the more points you earn!

What is an Award?

An award is earned by completing a topic in a course, or sets of tasks linked to revision. Your latest award is shown as a badge on your profile, or you can search through all awards on the site here:

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What is a Rank?

A rank is an extra reward that is given for completing part of your course. Ranks start at New Student the first time that you log into your course and go all the way up to Master. Ranks are reset each year so that you can keep earning points!

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