iGCSE Computer Science Online Course

Our CIE IGCSE Computer Science course allows you to learn with the flexibility of home education combined with expert tuition & marking every week. Covering the key aspects of both theory and programming papers, supported by a qualified Computer Science teacher – Holly Billinghurst.

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If you are looking for an ICT course instead of Computer Science, please visit our ICDL page.

Fees below are a subscription to access the full course which is a recommended two full years of study – this may be less if you complete the course earlier. This provides you with access to the whole course and tutor marking to complete in the order that suits you and at your own pace, with a weekly workshop where you can ask Holly questions.

It is recommended by the exam board that students will be studying over two years, but we are aware that some students may wish to condense their study.

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Once registered, you will have access to the full course which covers all topics for the iGCSE Computer Science and is aimed at the full 120 – 180 hours of study required for a full iGCSE. This includes:

  • Video lessons from fully qualified Computer Science tutor (Holly Billinghurst)
  • Written content and downloadable tasks / worksheets
  • Student message system with your tutor for help between lessons
  • Assessment opportunities
    • On Screen quizzes
    • Practical Programming tasks
    • Weekly Tutor Marked Assignments throughout the course
  • Tutor marked mock exam (new each year)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Exam Fees & Registration Included?

Our course covers the full course content, however students are responsible for registering with an exam centre and ensuring that they have sufficient time to cover the course content prior to exams. The exam board recommendation for the iGCSE course is 120 – 180 guided learning hours over two years.

Tutors and examsWe are an approved partner with the Tutors & Exams private exam centre and as such our students are able to apply to book with the UK centres with preferential rates. Please get in touch with us for our T&E partner code once enrolled should you wish to sit your exams with them. This code will be confirmed with us to enable your partner rate.

Changes to the iGCSE Specification

We are aware that CIE, like other exam boards have taken the decision to update their specifications. Your exam codes will remain the same, but students studying specifications where the exams are sat in May/June 2023 or later will be undertaking the updated specification which has been significantly extended.

While it is still be possible to complete this in a year, we strongly recommend that parents plan for students to study across two academic years due to the content which now reflects the UK GCSE specifications.

Content for the updated specification is clearly highlighted in the course.

Does The Course Include Live Tuition?

This version of the course has been designed as a self-study distance learning course, but includes tutor marking for submitted assessments. The recommended study plan has been included to help you work your way through the two year course, but lessons can be completed in the order that suits you best.

Do I need Any Textbooks / Resources?

There is no need for any additional textbook as all resources for learning are included in your course.

Whilst the course has been designed to include all of the information required to study our units, you will require access to certain software to allow you to prepare for the practical aspects of the exam.

It is assumed that you will have access to Office application (Microsoft or Open Office). Other units require a free website account to access them (in particular, Repl.it for programming).

Does The Course Include Practical Programming Skills?

Yes. We ensure that all of our courses from KS3 to A Level include practical aspects in both the independent lessons and live classes. You can expect to be guided through practical programming skills through a series of regular Tutor Marked Assignments that include a programming question every week, and annual mock exams with full tutor feedback.

Should we find ourselves in a situation where exams are cancelled and tutor marked grades are used as a replacement, an additional invigilated mock exam and tutor report will be included at no extra charge.

Do You Offer Any Discounts / Taster Lessons?

I am always happy to offer a trial lesson for a one-off payment of £15 where spaces permit. Alternatively, you can access a pre-recorded taster course for free here.

Standard fees are through the weekly installment plan, but we do offer a 25% reduced fee for payment in full at the start of the year.

Each year, we offer a small number of privately funded scholarships to students who have reserved a place on our courses. To apply for a 2022/23 scholarship place, please apply here

Do I Have The Option To Cancel?

Your committment to the course is by half term (approximately 6 weeks). Should you find that the course is not for you, your weekly payments will be stopped at the end of the current half term, and a refund will be given for any overpayment where applicable.

Can I Enrol As An Adult Learner?

As live classes are aimed at under 18s, we are unable to accept adult learners in the live classes. However, adult learners can complete the course using the self-paced option with tutor marking,  or through individual tuition.

Enrolment Form

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We are aware that a number of home educating parents will be concerned about potential data sharing as part of the proposed reforms to the Education Act. At present, we do not share data with local authorities unless you are directly funded by them. Should any changes to data sharing be announced, I will confirm this in writing to all parents.