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Tuition Links:


Check the balance of your account here using your tuition code that was emailed (your balance will be automatically applied at checkout)


How do I open a lesson link?

For bookings that are paid, you will see a link to your Zoom meeting appear under the Bookings Tab of your account as shown below:

Paid Booking

You have the option to click ‘Join Via App’ or ‘Via Browser’. Joining using your browser will provide less functionality for Zoom.


I don’t see a Join link

Where a lesson is not yet paid, the join link will not be created. Please click on the order number and ensure that you have made a payment for the lesson. Where payment is made by bank transfer, please allow 3 working days to clear.

Unpaid Booking


How do I book more lessons?

You can view availability and book further standard lessons using the ‘Students’ menu at the top of the screen. You have the option of adding multiple lessons to your basket up to a year in advance.


I need to cancel a lesson

As long as your lesson is more than 3 days in the future, you can cancel a lesson by clicking on the order number in your Bookings tab, then selecting cancel.

A credit will then be added to your ‘Tuition Balance’ account which may be used against further bookings.


I am funded by my Local Education Authority, can you help?

Absolutely! For Computing & ICT please get in touch to discuss how your LEA is funding you. If you are provided with a personal allowance, you can use this to top up your Tuition Balance and book lessons as needed using our GCSE or A Level ‘LEA’ lesson booking.

For other subjects, please discuss this directly with your tutor.