Week 3 – The Brain of Your Computer

Welcome to week 3 of KS3 Computer Hardware!

Before the live lessonAt the live lessonAfter the live lesson
Please watch the videos below & complete activities 1 & 2Join Holly to look at how CPUs & processors work in your computer!Complete this week’s quiz!

After this week’s lesson you’ll be able to:

Knowthat computers contain processors
Explainwhat a processor does
Examinethe relationship between the speed of a processor and the running of a computer

Lesson Video

Activity 1

What’s Inside Your Phone?

Research the phone that you have or the one you would like.

What CPU does it have?

How fast is it?

Create a diagram to show what your CPU does when you open up an app.

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Activity 2

This activity is to help you prepare for this week’s quiz. Add your work to your Google Slides (you don’t need to hand this in).

Add slides to answer these three questions:

•What is the job of the CPU?

•How is the speed of a CPU measured?

•How does a ‘peripheral’ device talk to the CPU?