Network Hardware

Network Hardware

When a network is created, we need to use extra hardware to help translate and transport the data. In the Data transmission topic, we have already looked at the layers that are used to organise the rules of transferring data in our networks. The hardware works with these rules to physically sent data and allow devices to connect to the network.


Watch the video below that introduces the different hardware that you may find in a network.

Note: For students sitting before January 2023, you will need to recognise all of the devices shown. From Summer 2023, your exam will focus on how the router works.

Key Term Practice

Test how much you remember from the videos by matching the hardware to it’s definition.

Revision Activity

Download the notes below and use these to create your own set of notes on network media (cables) as you watch the videos above.

Practice Practical – Task 2

Practice Practical – Task 2

When completing the practice (and real) tasks, make sure that you have saved each version of the tasks into a separate file. This will make returning to the code to revise much easier later.

Please remember that this is a practice task. You must obtain the exam tasks from your exam centre.