22 – Big Data & Data Mining

22 – Big Data & Data Mining

Welcome to the A Level Computer Science Masterclass on Big Data and Data Mining. This topic crosses all three exam boards, but it’s worth being aware that these are covered in different ways.

AQA focuses on the Big Data aspects and how it tests the limitations of SQL (and uses functional programming as a solution).

CIE looks at how large data sets (big data) feeds into machine learning and how AI is influenced by the data around us.

OCR looks at data mining as a computational thinking technique where patterns are discovered in the apparent chaos of raw data… which is rather beautiful isn’t it?

Task – AI Image Generator

The Image below was created using the Deep Dream Generator website. This website is a project that aims to use AI to combine a photograph with an artist’s image to create a stylised image that combines parts of both images. Try it yourself with an photograph that you have taken.