Masterclass 1 – Number Systems

Welcome to the A Level Computer Science Masterclass on Number Systems. While you watch the video it would be useful to have a pen & paper handy to make notes.

This topic covers a number of conversions based around binary. As this covers a number of sections, you may wish to pause the video and try each of the worksheets in turn.

Click the pencil icon to write your digital notes. Cornell Notes

As requested by you, we have updated our lessons to include printable revision notes pages and a digital version for you to complete (shown above) as you watch the video above.

If you used Holly’s GCSE revision guide, you may already be used to the style – if not, these are printable pages that help you to create your own set of detailed revision notes without missing any key terms.

Printing these before the live lesson is a good plan as you will be able to take notes during the lesson directly on your sheets.

Task 1 – Practice Sheets

I have provided you with several of these. This will allow you to complete one before and the others after the live class as revision:

Task 2 – Practice Exam Questions & Quiz

These exam questions are taken from a variety of exam boards, but are all relevant to your revision.