Masterclass – Network Addressing & Subnets

Masterclass – Network Addressing & Subnets

Welcome to our A Level Computer Science masterclass on Network Addressing & Subnets. The video below contains an introduction to the use of addressing as a method of data transmission, including the use of the TCP/IP Stack and Subnets.

The three exam boards go into this area in differing depths, however the topic itself is very similar for all three.

Task 1

This week I have provided you with three practice sheets focusing on network addressing and the use of subnet masking. There are some similarities between the sheets, however they each contain differing scenarios.

Additional Task

If networking is a new topic to you or one that you are not confident with, try downloading the skills checkers sheet below. This is a set of 20 quick questions on networking alongside answers.

Start by answering as many as you can in under 20 minutes without any help, then try filling in gaps by researching. Finally, check your answer using sheet 2.