20 – Long Answer Questions (Ethics)

20 – Long Answer Questions (Ethics)

This week we will be continuing to use our time to consider some of the more challenging questions in the A Level papers – the long answer questions. As these take time and practice, we have divided these over three separate areas. This week we will be focusing on questions around Ethics in computing.

Once you have watched the video below, please upload your two essay tasks at the bottom of this page before our live lesson.


Task 1 – Writing An Essay

Choose one of the source articles below and dissect it using the following essay writing framework. This should form the plan for your essay style answer. Use this as a brief plan for an extended 9-12 mark question.

Anybody involved either directly or indirectlyHow are they affected and to what extent?Who is financially involved?Does it affect the public/private sector?
Technology involved:
Any technology and how it relates to the problem/topicDifferent technologies that are relatedHow the technology works within the contextComparisons
Moral/Social/Cultural/Legal Issues:
How the issue relates to any moral, social or cultural contextWhat are the legal issues? How are the stakeholders affected?How does the technology relate? Is the technology helping or causing a problem, for whom and to what extent?
Have you answered the question?Any technological or other solution, and how it solves the problemAnalysis of the solution and its effects on stakeholdersHow it all fits together
Essay planning grid – Source OCR Extended Writing Framework

Possible sources:

Task 2 – Student Essay

Download the student essay below and annotate it to identify where you think they have or have not met the assessment objectives from your exam board. What mark would you award to this essay?