How Computers See The World – Understanding Images

This lesson covers weeks 4 and 5 of the Data Representation topic and will also include some revision for your end of topic assessment in our second lesson (get ready for Kahoot!).

We’ll be creating some practical image work over the next two weeks and for this I will be using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (also known as GIMP). This is a free image editor which is similar to photoshop and can be downloaded here: Download GIMP (we recommend the direct download option)

Your lesson will be complete once you have watched the video to the end

Student Tasks

This is your final set of tasks for this topic. After this, you’ll be finishing the quiz & assignment to show me how much you’ve learnt this first half term. I can’t wait to see how you’ve done!


The knowledge organiser below contains all the information from this last part of the topic. Don’t forget to print this and fill in the gaps!

Week 4 Assignment

We’re nearly there! Next week, we have a workshop on how to put all of the work that you’ve done so far into a project and I’ll be on hand to help you make it look fantastic. If you’d like me to look at your images and poster from this week’s student presentation, upload it below (I’ll be collecting in the whole project in week 6).