Data Representation – See Like A Computer

This week we are building on our understanding of how computers save digital data and looking closer at number systems and how we can convert from the numbers that we recognise into data that can be saved on computer systems.

Student Tasks

This week’s task is a little different as we’ll be creating some more notes and completing a practice worksheet for binary numbers.


Before you complete the worksheet, make sure that you have downloaded & printed these two sheets. Add these to your computing folder and add your own notes to them.

These sheets work best when you complete them in colour: colour in the key words, add your own notes & doodles, and highlight important information with colours.

Week 3 Assignment

That was a lot of practice questions! If you’d like me to look at your binary conversion questions or take a look at the notes that you’ve completed, upload it below (I’ll be collecting in the whole project in week 6).