Course Costs

It’s entirely understandable that the costs of course will be an important factor in choosing whether to study games design. Unlike iGCSEs, we are not able to offer the course without the live lesson component due to exam board regulations on authentication of coursework.

The course fee covers:

  • 64 one hour live lessons across two years
  • access to our pre-recorded lesson material
  • access to our independent study tasks
  • regular tutor assessed assignments
  • marking and authentication of both coursework units
  • mock exam

The course fee does not cover:

  • exam registration fee
  • coursework resit fees (from your exam centre)

Course Costs and Payment Options

Course fees are charged at £15 per taught week (64 over 2 years) with an average class size of 6 (maximum 10).

To enrol, we ask you to pay a deposit of £30, and select one of the following options due in September:

Weekly: 64 weekly payments of £18.00 (by Direct Debit during term time)

Monthly: Monthly payment of the lessons taking place that month (by Direct Debit during term time)

Half Termly : £90.00 approx per half term* (by invoice)

Annual £480.00 paid on enrolment, + £480.00 at the start of year 2 (by invoice or subscription)

*£90 represents the average 6 week half term

Funded Courses

Where you recieve funding from an organisation or local authority, please let us know and we are happy to provide this information in PDF format for their records.

Our Ofsted registration number is: 2654562