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1 - Data Representation
2 - Data Transmission
3 Hardware
4 - Software
5 - The Internet and It's Uses
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Meet Your Tutors

The lessons in this course are aimed at helping all students make progress independently with iGCSE Computer Science with the CAIE exam board.

Our lessons include a variety of learning tools to help you understand the what and why of each topic.

Our classes are developed by Holly Billinghurst, a Computer Science & ICT teacher who has been teaching students from year 7 to A Level since 2009 alongside Jay and Claire who also teach our group classes.

Your Tutors

Holly Billinghurst

Holly is a Computer Science tutor and owner of TeachAllAboutIt. She has been teaching & tutoring since 2009 and was a software developer before retraining to become a teacher. Her lessons will rarely be full of her talking – expect to be fully involved in the group activities!

As an expert in programming and computer science, you will be with her for the group lessons that are based around high level IT or computer science techniques.

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Jay Shurey - Online Tutor Film Studies

Jay is a Film Studies tutor with a background in professional IT. His GCSE Film studies course is part of the TeachAllAboutIt franchise and we also bring in his IT skills for KS3 and GCSE!

Jay is great at introducing IT and e-safety topics. Like Holly, you won’t just be listening in his group classes – you’ll be joining in! As many of his topics require you to learn theory, Jay makes this fun by including group quizzes and activities that help you to make friends on the course as well as learn new things.

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Your Lessons

Each of the lessons in this course include extra activities and resources to help you extend your learning and students are expected to fully complete all tasks, even if they are not to be submitted to a tutor.

The live online classes look into each topic in extra detail and are there to support students knowledge as they progress through the course. Where students have enrolled later in the academic year, they are encouraged to start with the current group topic and complete the missed topics either the following year or independently. 

To access your live class, please go to the Live Lessons Lesson

Resources are released throughout the year as the current year group reaches each term.

Please Note: each live session is held using Zoom. If the date of the live session is in the past, then you will not be able to attend this session, but all other resources will be available – live sessions are not recorded for safeguarding purposes.

Your Homework & Assessments

Each half term you will have some form of assessment to check your progress. This will be different for each topic that we study and we recommend that you read through the suggested study plan to help match your studies to the topics in the live lessons – assessments are all marked by a tutor using exam style feedback and will be in the same style that you may expect from your exam.

At the end of each academic year, a mock exam is also available to all students which is marked in full and returned to you with a grade.