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Welcome to the A Level Computer Science masterclasses. Over the course of 26 weeks, we will take you through the key topics that will help you to get to grips with reaching the top grades in your A Level.

Quizzes & Assessments will show at the bottom of each lesson & be available to click once you have watched the lesson video in full.

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These classes are aimed at students in year 12 & 13 studying the following courses and use a combined learning approach that encourages an understanding of why topics span all exam boards and what their own exam paper or assessments will look like:

  • OCR A Level Computer Science (H406 & H446)
  • AQA A Level Computer Science (7516 & 7517)
  • CIE International A Level Computer Science (9618)

Each masterclass lesson includes:

  • a recorded topic video
  • practice tasks to help with revision
  • exam-style questions
  • an optional live group lesson with a qualified tutor 

Additional tutor marked feedback on exam style assignments is available by request, or a playlist of past paper questions & general advice for A Level Computer Science students is below:

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The table below shows your current progress with marked Exam Style Questions – the topics shown are reduced to just those studied up to the current half term.

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Due to the limitations of the current gradebook code – grades are shown in percentages. Please use the tool below to convert your grade (you will need to select your exam board as these will be different).

Enter your grade percentage as an integer :
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