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Welcome to A Level Computer Science! This is a taster lesson for our A Level level courses for learners considering joining us for weekly group revision.

This is a chance to meet our tutor and see what our courses are like before enroling. Please scroll down to access the taster lessons!

TeachAllAboutIt is a small company with tutors who are also specialist teachers in their field. We’re always happy to listen to your feedback and will try to make our courses as fun and as accessible as we possibly can.

What we learn in Computer Science:

Students can enrol at any time, but we strongly recommend starting in September and following the full course. The course is run over a year with the option of continuing in a revision group through year 13 with assistance with exam technique and practical application of knowledge.

Before a Live LessonDuring A Live LessonAfter A Live Lesson
Pre-Recorded topic video (aimed at grade D-B)
Revision Notes
Further your your understanding with exam style questions & group quizzes (aimed at grade B – A*)Complete tutor marked exam questions

Test your understanding with online quizzes

*please note change of time BST/GMT if you are attending internationally

Important note: Our course covers a curriculum in line with multiple exam boards (AQA, OCR, & CIE) and delivers topics that will help all A Level Computer Science students make progress. All assessments are against the National Curriculum KS5 standards or above.

To reserve your place & enrol onto any of our 2022/23 courses, please use the timetable links below:

Click To See 2022/23 Term Dates


Autumn term 2022Starts: Monday 5th September
Half term: Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October
Ends: Friday 16 December


Spring term 2023Starts: Tuesday 3rd January
Half term: Monday 13th February to Friday 17th February
Ends: Friday 31st March
Summer term 2023Starts: Monday 17th April
Half term: Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June
Courses end: TBC
Tuition ends: Thursday 20th July (or the date of your final exam)
Click To See September 2022 Timetable
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