Introducing Splat and Chat – the laid-back adult art class

Life feeling hectic? What better way to take a load off than with friends and fun (not fine) art?

Meet Chloé Coles, she’s a primary teacher who specialises in teaching art. Having recently moved back to the UK, after living and teaching in the Middle East for nearly 10 years, Chloé has been inspired to set up her own art business, ‘Splat & Chat’. 

Splat & Chat is a fun and relaxing way to reconnect with your creative side. Chloé talks her Splat & Chatters through a step-by-step painting, which they create on their own canvas – this is the SPLAT. All awhile they are enjoying a glass of bubbles and connecting with friends – this is the CHAT.

Our lives are so busy and we often find ourselves spending far too much time on our mobile devices. Putting our phones down and taking a couple of hours away from technology gives our brains a chance to refocus on what is happening both inside and outside of us. Two hours of a digital detox and splatting and chatting with paint and friends, does wonders for all our mental health. 

A relaxing remedy

The idea for Splat & Chat came to Chloé during yet another busy day of teaching art. “During the school day I never made it to the staff room to sit and relax with my colleagues. I missed the connection and laughter with my workmates and started to feel isolated and lonely.” After talking with her colleagues Chloé realised that she was not alone in how she felt.

“Living abroad away from close friends and family, means your work relationships become more important and in many cases your lifeline.” To relax and unwind after a long day teaching Chloe loved nothing more than to paint on a canvas, listening to chilled music while sipping a glass of wine. She was inspired to run a painting party for her colleagues – and Splat & Chat was born! 

“I was overjoyed by the response to my Splat & Chat idea, and everyone who came along seemed to really benefit from the creative outlet and connection to their friends, that they couldn’t manage during the busy school day.”

As the word got out about Chloé‘s fun and relaxing paint parties, more and more people showed interest. It seemed that it wasn’t just tired teachers who needed to unwind and spend quality time with friends and colleagues, but people from all industries and walks of life wanted a Splat & Chat party. 

In May, Chloé and her husband moved back to the UK to start a new life and career. She wants to continue spreading the joy that Splat & Chat creates.

“I’m so excited to be offering a Saturday morning version of my painting parties at TeachAllAboutIT – what a fabulous way to start a weekend with a brush in one hand and a brew in the other. I’m looking forward to meeting the TeachAllAboutIT community and bringing a bit of Splat & Chat joy into your lives.” 

Find out more and book Splat and Chat to start your weekend with a brush in one hand and a brew in the other.

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