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TeachAllAboutIt Tuition Centre

Open to new and old players who have an interest in playing Dungeons & Dragons, Worthing DnD Club has been set up to give everyone a chance to play with experienced players in a safe & fun environment. As this club is open to all ages, we will be following the basic Fifth Edition rules with family friendly campaigns.

Regular Sessions

Mondays 5pm – 6.30pm (new!)

Wednesdays 6pm – 7.30pm

On booking, a child/beginner friendly character sheet will be available to download. Please scroll down for more FAQs for new players.

We are hosting our sessions at the TeachAllAboutIt tuition centre and a session ticket covers our cost to hire the centre & refreshments. Session leaders (DMs) are experienced players and work in education which allows them to adapt for players with a variety of needs. All of our session leaders hold a full DBS as sessions are open to young people age 11 to 17.

If you’re an adult or teen player and would like to arrange sessions to try out a campaign from Domain of The Nameless God from Dark Dice, please have a chat with Holly. These sessions are not suitable for younger children.

Not what you’re looking for? How about joining out Worthing home education tutor support session on a Tuesday afternoon, where learning is fun!

Please note: your booking will not be confirmed until payment is made.

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Event FAQs

I’ve never played before, is that ok?
Absolutely! We don’t assume anyone has played unless you tell us that you have. We provide everything that you need to get started (including dice).

When you book a session, you’ll be sent a link to download a beginner / child friendly character sheet and if you’d prefer to use one that we’ve already made, then that’s fine too!
Do I need to join at the start of a campaign?
Although parts of the story will be woven into every session as we play for our regular players, anyone who wishes to join in will be able to join the story for a single session or more.
Do parents need to stay?
That’s entirely up to you. If parents would prefer to stay, then we’re happy to provide a comfy chair & a cup of coffee. Equally, our sessions are run by DBS checked adults who operate under Ofsted regulations within the tuition centre.
My child has SEN. Are you set up to adapt to their needs?
As every child with SEN is different, please get in touch with us and we’re always happy to talk through how we can be as inclusive as possible. To help your child feel more settled before arriving, we have our accessibility statement page which includes a sound inclusive video of the centre but we are always happy to answer any questions via
Can I pay on the day?
Although it’s easier to pay online when you book, we have a contactless card machine in the tuition centre or can accespt bank transfers (for both, please select “direct bank transfer” at checkout). We don’t take cash payments at present.
Can I Use Childcare Vouchers / Tax Free Childcare To Pay
We are an Ofsted Registered childcare provider and so you may be able to use your Childcare Scheme to cover part or all of the fees.

If you are a working parent, you may be able to register to pay into a tax free childcare scheme to pay for tuition and groups which are held outside of standard school hours. These may reduce your overall costs by up to £900 per parant, per year.

Students are eligible up to the age of 11 for Tax Free Childcare (or 16 if they have a disability), and up to 15 for Childcare Vouchers & Salary Sacrifice Schemes.

To check your eleigibility please visit Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website or call their help line on 0345 300 3900.
Can I book regular sessions & pay by invoice?
Absolutely! Just drop us an email at and we’ll reserve you a regular place each week.

Event Location:

  • TeachAllAboutIt Tuition Centre
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