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A very warm welcome to you!

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the courses that you run, tell you a little more about our tutors, and provide an example lesson for each of our courses before you enrol with us.

Before you start, please read through the general questions about our courses below.

Do Your Courses Include Live Tuition?

Every course that we run includes the option for live online tuition through small groups.

Our full distance learning GCSE courses have been designed as stand-alone distance learning course, but includes the option to access to an optional weekly live class students. Where students access the course independently, they will still have access to marked assignments.

How Many Students Are in a “Small” Group?

We allow for a maximum of 10 students in any of our groups and will not exceed this. This allows us to give individual attention to each student within the group and keep our live lessons fully interactive.

Where enrolments exceed this number, we will do our best to offer an additional group. If this is not possible, the course will be considered full and further enrolments will not be taken.

Do Your Courses Include The Exam?

We do not offer exam registration for GCSE & A Level courses as we are not an exam centre. As such, your exam fees are not included within the cost of the course.

However, we are a tuition partner for the Tutors and Exams private exam centres and as such, should you wish to register with them you will be able to register for your exams at their reduced “partner rate”.

Should you opt to use a different exam centre, please let us know and we will be happy to work with them should they require evidence of the work you have completed throughout the course.

Do I need any additional resources / textbooks?

All of our courses have been designed to include a range of online resources that covers all aspects of the course that you are studying. You may wish to purchase a copy of your exam board recommended text book, but these are optional extras.

Whilst our courses have been designed to include all of the information required to study, you will require access to certain software. Where possible, we use free online versions of software or provide embedded software in the course to enable all students to access this.

For iGCSE ICT, this will be the specific software your exam centre uses to allow you to prepare for the practical aspects of the exam.

Do You Include Practical Skills / Interactive Lessons?

Absolutely! All of our live classes are fully interactive and students will be encouraged to join in with group activities, answer questions, and help to create our online collaborative notes which they will download at the end of the lesson.

Thoughout each of our courses there are pracical activities for students to complete:

KS3 Courses: A tutor marked assignment is completed as part of each half term topic. This is submitted at the end of the half term and marked by their tutor.

Distance Learning Courses: Each Distance Learning course contains a set of 8 tutor marked assignments (TMAs) covering different aspects of the course. These are supported by a timed online mock exam for each year of study.

Online Masterclasses: Our GCSE & A Level masterclasses include downloadable or interactive tasks for every topic. Whilst these are not formally marked, they are used as part of the live lessons to improve exam technique.

How Do I Access The Live Classes?

If you have enrolled onto one of our courses with live classes options, you will be set up with two separate accounts. One to our student / parent portal for live lessons & payments and a second directly on the website for accessing your course.

For full instructions on how these accounts work, please follow the “How To Access Courses” lesson.

Will You Cover Exam Technique?

This is something that we embed into our lessons and resources from day one. However, we recognise that exams are not (and should not) be the be all & end all of learning. Our lessons primarily focus on understanding and enjoying the topics which naturally leads to the ability to answer exam questions.

Example questions will be found throughout all of our GCSE & A Level courses and within live classes, we use a variety of techniques to support practice.

Do You Include Mock Exams?

For GCSE & A Level distance learning courses, yes.

In addition to the shorter quizzes within the course, there is a final mock exam at the end of each year of study. These include short answer and multiple-choice questions which reflect the exam that you will be sitting.These will be marked by a qualified teacher and returned to you with feedback.

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