iGCSE Computer Science - Distance Learning

Tutor Marked Assignment 6
Tutor Marked Assignment 8 (Programming)

Using Sequence in Programming

Sequence is the order in which the lines of code are run in a program. Although we introduce this topic very early on in the course, it is something that we will keep returning to as more complex aspects of coding are added each week.

In the video lesson, we will look at the topics of selection and iteration, then return to these in more detail over the coming lessons.

Practice task 1:

Write out the order in which you got up and dressed this morning.

Did you make any decision? (selection)

Was anything repeated? (Iteration)

Practice task 2:

Consider the equation below. What sequence would this be performed in (remember to use BODMAS)


Assignment Task

Once you have completed the activities above, the second program in your programming Tutor Marked Assignment is ready to complete. The practice version of the task is below, but you should submit your answer using the Tutor Marked Assignment Tasks on Trinket.