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Uses of Hexadecimal

The reason why hexadecimal is used instead of binary or denary is purely to make longer numbers easier to read for humans. When saved onto the computer system, the number will be translated into binary so there is no space saving from using hexadecimal.

However, because hex uses fewer digits to represent larger numbers, it can be used to save space on the screen.

Hexadecimal has a number of uses, but one of the most commonly known is in identifying colours that can be used on the web. These are made of three colour hues made up of Red, Green, and Blue.

Web colours are represented using six hexadecimal digits, each set of two digits represents how much of either red, green or blue there is in a particular colour. These web colours are often represented by using a # symbol in front of them.

Other uses for hexadecimal appear in places where humans need to identify longer numbers:

  • Memory Addresses
  • MAC addresses
  • Displaying error messages


Complete the following hexadecimal worksheet by printing the sheet and using this page to identify the correct colours: