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The Impact of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the act of trying to pass someone else’s work as your own.

Instances of plagiarism are not always malicious and it is often easy to accidentally plagiarise if you forget to cite the source of your quote. In other instances, where the text is directly copied from a book or webpage etc. the plagiarism is seen as malicious.

Plagiarism is most often found in schools and universities or in areas where written work is published. Sometimes if work has been published, copyright law has also been broken.

It’s important to remember that whilst plagiarism isn’t illegal in its own right, it is unethical.

In the TED-ed video below, we can look into the potential impacts of plagiarism in more detail:


Look at the following essay question and student answer 1. What marks do you think the student was given and why?


Mark is working on a school essay over lunch. During the session, his teacher leaves the room to speak to another student, leaving his computer unlocked and another student’s essay on the screen.

Discuss the moral, ethical, and legal implications of Mark taking a copy of the essay to help him write his own answer whilst the teacher is away.


Student Answer 1

There are many moral, ethical and legal implications of Mark copying another student’s work from a teachers laptop. These implications will have an affect on both Mark and the teacher. If Mark were to copy another student’s work to assist him in his own essay it would be cheating and, if he were to use any of it in his final essay, would be plagiarism which is illegal. Morally it is wrong as he would have an advantage over those who studied independently and, ethically, it is against the school rules and could get both himself and the teacher in trouble. In conclusion it is morally, ethically and legally wrong for Mark to copy the other student’s essay and he shouldn’t even consider it. But some blame is with the teacher for being irresponsible and allowing Mark the opportunity in the first place.


Use the original answer and examiner feedback to write your own, improved version of the answer.