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Tutor Marked Assignment 6
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One of the easiest ways to identify that a website is using a secure connexion is looking at the URL. At the beginning of the URL (web address) you might notice that some websites use http:// and others use https://

The http at the start of the web address stands for hypertext transfer protocol, but when an S is shown afterwards that means that it is secure and using SSL which stands for secure sockets layer.

SSL uses 2 methods to make sure that the user is being protected.

First, it includes a certificate that proves that the user says that they are who they say they are. For a user this means that they can click on the padlock icon next to the web address and view the information about the website owner.

Secondly, SSL allows the information to be sent between the users web browser and the web server securely as it has been encrypted.

Activity 1

select a website which is using https (including this one) and view the information about them held on the SSL certificate. what information is available to you as the user and why do you think this should be public?

Activity 2

Watch the video below and explain create a diagram to explain how your web browser and the website server uses SSL to send trusted information between them.