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Representing Digital Images (2023 Specification Only)

New 2023 Syllabus Only

There are two parts to the images section of the new specification of the iGCSE Computer Science exams. This lesson covers both sections:

Part 1 : Digital Images & Files

The first part of this section, you’ll be looking at types of images and how to calculate image sizes.

Task 1

Download the bitmap file notes. The best way to use these is to colour them in & add your own notes during our live class.

Part 2 : Understanding Bitmap Images

This second part of the lesson revisits many of the same ideas and adds some more detail to what we now need to know in the new specification. One thing to bear in mind is that coloured exam papers are expensive to print so it’s very unlikely that you’ll get a highly coloured bitmap in your exam!


Download the practice questions below & test out your understanding of bitmaps.