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Tutor Marked Assignment 8 (Programming)

Pseudocode & Flowcharts

Introducing Pseudocode

In your exam, it is likely that you will be shown or asked to write algorithms using pseudocode. Pseudocode simply means “not real code” and is a way of representing your logic in a written format.

Each exam board represents pseudocode in a slightly different way, although when you write your own pseudocode the advice is to ensure that you are consistent.

The booklet below is the pseudocode guide that is published by CIE for their iGCSE course. Although this is for teachers, and for the earlier versions of the course, it is a useful reference guide for the styling that will be used in your exam.

Remember! The most important part of the pseudocode that you write is the logic.

Flowcharts For Planning

In the video below, Holly introduces you to some techniques for practicing flowcharts for planning algorithms. In paper 2 of your exam, it is possible that you will be asked to read or write algorithms as flowcharts – while older papers gave a choice on this, some of the newer exam papers state whether you will need to use pseudocode, flowchart, or coded statements. Keep an eye out for these!

Task 1

In the video you were asked to test out your understanding of flowchart key words by following this link to the Main Computer Science website.

Task 2

Download and complete the exam style questions below to help you revise this topic.