iGCSE Computer Science - Distance Learning

Tutor Marked Assignment 6
Tutor Marked Assignment 8 (Programming)

Problem Solving and Design

An algorithm can be described as “A set of steps that show how to perform a task or reach a goal”. When we talk about algorithms in Computer Science, this generally means the design of a program – not every task can be solved using computational methods as some tasks involve non-mathematical tasks (known as ‘messy problems’) that generally relate to unpredictable human behavior.

We usually design our algorithms in either a flowchart or as pseudocode. In either way, our algorithms should be focused o the logic of the task which means that we should be able to implement them using any programming language. This is known as being ‘language independent’.

Representing algorithms

There are a number of ‘standard algorithms’ that we are expected to know when studying computer science. These are algorithms that make up a lot of what we do when designing programs and include patterns that can be reused in other solutions. 

The ‘standard algorithms’ we are expected to know and recognise in the iGCSE are specific to Sorting & Searching. (these are only specific for Summer 2023 onwards, but they are really useful to know, particularly if you’re considering the A Level).

Task 1 – Scribblit Notes

Download & print the scribbl.it notes below and fill these in using your notes from the video above. Don’t forget to add colour to the key words to help you remember them!

Task 2 – Exam Style Questions

Download the exam style questions below and complete these as part of your revision.