iGCSE Computer Science - Distance Learning

Tutor Marked Assignment 6
Tutor Marked Assignment 8 (Programming)

Data Transmission Techniques

Data transmission covers the way in which developers design systems to efficiently transmit data.

The main ways in which data is transmitted are:

  • Serial
  • Parallel
  • Simple
  • Duplex
  • Half Duplex

In different scenarios, these data transmission types can be combined to create a more complex type. For example: A duplex parallel transmission might be used to transmit multiple bits of data in both directions.

For the exam you will be required to be able to define each of these transmission types, compare them (benefits & drawbacks), and identify suitable real world uses.

Revision Task:

Download and complete the revsion notes below. Don’t forget to add colour to the key words and add as much detail as possible to the areas provided.