iGCSE Computer Science - Distance Learning

Tutor Marked Assignment 6
Tutor Marked Assignment 8 (Programming)

Automatic Input Devices

Input devices can either be manual automatic. In the last lesson we looked at different types of manual input device and here we have moved onto automatic inputs.

One is not necessarily better than the other, and you will be expected to identidy the best device for a given situation. The automatic devices that allow us to input data into a system often are or include a form of sensor. The devices that allow us to input data and output data back to the user but a plugged into our computer system are referred to as peripheral devices. It is important to remember peripheral devices are input and output only and do not refer to the removable storage devices or charges that we may also plug into the computer system.

Something examples of sensors that you are required to be able to identify and suggest for use when suitable discussed in more detail in the video and listed below:

  • light
  • heat
  • moisture
  • humidity
  • PH
  • gas
  • movement


Download the worksheet below to identify the use of different input devices: