Congratulations To Our Students of 2021

The class of 2021 has had it tough and results week for us was unusual in a number of respects. Overall, our students who attended tuition with us achieved some incredible results, with not just a 100% pass rate, but a 100% B-A* at A Level and 55% grade 6+ at GCSE (with 100% grade 4 or above).

Celebrating results is such a small part of our journey, but it’s the ultimate end to a journey that we’re incredibly proud to be part of.

got an A!!!!  So pleased and thank you for all your help. 

Parent – AS International Computer Science

We were also able to offer assessment help to a number of private candidates through linked private exam centres such as Tutors and Exams. Pulling together invigilated assessments and tutor assessed grades for both GCSE & A Level was not easy and a huge thank you from me goes to all of our tutors who helped get these students over the line at a difficult time for everyone.

I’m over the moon with my A*A*B. Thank you very much for all your help, you’ve been amazing!

Student – A Level Maths & Further Maths Assessment

This year we had an inkling of some of the results as we had been involved in assessment which meant that we’d been keeping some pretty massive secrets for a few months. As with all assessments, these had been through vigorous moderation and we were delighted that all grades went through this year without changes and some positive feedback from moderation panels.

We were absolutely over the moon for our students, some of which had worked through the most upsetting circumstances to come out the other end with the option to start the new academic year in a far better place than ever predicted. We are incredibly proud of how each and every one of our students worked.

Hello, I am really happy with my results. I got into my firm choice! Thanks for being part of my journey as my tutor.

Stelli – A Level Computer Science Assessment

This year, we’ve taken some time to enjoy the relative peace of the last few weeks of the summer and appreciate the hard work that goes in from students, tutors, and parents to get such well deserved grades. All of this has been added into our annual reflection which will help us to improve what we do and carry on supporting our students no matter what turns up to challenge us!

I managed to achieve an A in computer science, an A* in maths and an A* in Economics (+ a B in further maths AS from the year before). 

But all in all I can truly say I’m the most proud of my grade in CS as we put the most effort possible into achieving that grade. It’s funny to remember the first time we spoke and I said I would like, maybe a B, probably a C and wow how that changed!

Thank you so much for your kind wishes and I too am wishing the best for the future students you may have, and the furthered development of TeachAllAboutIT. Im sure your students this year did amazing too 😀

Take care Holly and the team!

Josh – A Level Computer Science Home Ed

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