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Coursework /NEA Authentication is offered through TeachAllAboutIt as a service for private candidates who may be applying to exam centres through home education or independent retakes.

We cover a number of subjects for coursework /NEA authentication where we work with students over a number of months in order to supervise and authenticate individual coursework.

Fees for subjects may vary based on the level of supervision required. This reflects the number of hours of contact and moderation for tutors.

All marked coursework is completed by specialist tutors in line with exam board guidelines and includes a second tutor providing moderation of marks.

Which Subjects Do You Offer?

At present, we are able to offer a number of subjects includind those that include a practical element.

Our subjects include:

  • A Level Computer Science NEA
  • BTEC ICT coursework
  • BTEC Computing coursework
  • iGCSE Computer Science (CIAE task guidance)
  • A Level Film Studies
  • A Level Media Studies

To see a full list of subjects offered, please use the dropdown above.


Are you able to assist with tutor assessment for cancelled exams?

In line with our academic honestly policies, we are able to offer tutor assessed grades on behalf of an exam centre where students can meet certain conditions:

  • Students must be registered with an exam centre
  • The exam centre must pre-approve our involvement with assessment*
  • Students must be able to sit an online mock exam using:
    • Screen sharing software
    • Webcam & Microphone
  • Students must be able to provide 4 – 5 additional pieces of work

*If you are currently registered with Tutors & Exams, we are an approved partner and can accept you immediately


How long does coursework supervision take?

Coursework supervision is undertaken over a period of four individual meetings which take place over a span of a minimum of eight weeks. Where a practical element is required, you are advised to increase this time accordingly. If you are unsure, please email us before booking.

At your initial session, you will be required to show photo ID to allow us to confirm your identity. All work will be completed within a controlled file system to allow your tutor to monitor progress.

Where deadlines are missed, work within the controlled area will be submitted to the exam centre and treated as a final submission.

Where academic dishonesty is suspected, work will not be authenticated and will be reported to the relevent examining body.




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