A Level Computer Science – Distance Learning 2023/24


OCR A Level Computer Science is a two year taught course that allows you to complete this Level 3 A Level course with weekly support from Holly Billinghurst, our lead Computer Science tutor and subject specialist. In year 2, learners will be supported through the coursework unit, including marking and authentication.


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Our A Level Computer Science course follows the OCR Computer Science specification and includes everything needed to complete your studies as a private candidate.

In year 1, you will be learning the fundamentals of computer systems and building your programming knowledge to allow you to begin the planning and prototyping phases of your programming project. This year may be studied with live lessons or independently with remote tutor support.

When you reach year 2, you will build on your knowledge to complete your programming project and continue to deepen your understanding of computer systems including the ethical considerations of working in a world that uses computing daily. Due to the coursework component in year 2, a live option only is available. Where you wish to attend coursework authentication individually, please contact us to confirm availability (individual authentication is not included in course fees).


A level computer science distance learning

Throughout your course, you will be supported by your tutor through weekly tutor marked assignments and live classes that enable you to access the specialist knowledge that has gone into building this online course.

To assist your independent learning, your course includes:

Written topic introductions

Video resources for key topics from your tutor

Resources and activities for each topic of the course

A week by week study plan to help you organise your time

Online support from your tutor between lessons


The OCR A Level Computer Science course consists of three components that you will study over two years. As there is a coursework element to the course, you will be required to attend some additional coursework lessons to allow your tutor to authenticate your work.

Paper 1: Computer Systems

Written Exam (2h 30m)

Weighting: 40%

The internal workings of the (CPU), data exchange, software development, data types and legal and ethical issues.


Paper 2: Algorithms & Programming

Written Exam (2h 30m)

Weighting: 40%

Using computational thinking to solve problems.


NEA: Programming Project (Coursework)

Non-Exam Assessment

Weighting: 20%

Students will be expected to analyse a problem, design, develop, test, evaluate, and document a program. The program must be to solve it written in a suitable programming language



Frequently Asked Questions

Are Exam Fees & Registration Included?

Our course covers the full course content, however <strong>students are responsible for registering with an exam centre</strong> and ensuring that they have sufficient time to cover the course content prior to exams. The exam board recommendation for an A Level course is 360 guided learning hours over two years.

<em><img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-19809″ title=”Igcse computer science – distance learning 1″ src=”https://worthing.teachallaboutit.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Tutors-And-Exams-300×78.jpg” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” srcset=”https://worthing.teachallaboutit.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Tutors-And-Exams-300×78.jpg 300w, https://worthing.teachallaboutit.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Tutors-And-Exams.jpg 501w” alt=”Tutors and exams” data-sitemapexclude=”true” width=”300″ height=”78″>We are an approved partner with the Tutors &amp; Exams private exam centre and as such our students are able to apply to book with the UK centres with preferential rates. Please get in touch with us for our T&amp;E partner code once enrolled should you wish to sit your exams with them. This code will be confirmed with us to enable your partner rate.</em>

Students Outside The UK

OCR is a UK exam board and as such, whilst your course may be studied from anywhere in the world, you will be required to register and sit your final exams at a UK exam centre.

International A Level courses are available through alternative exam boards, however as these require practical exams this has made it difficult for home educated private candidates to identify exam centres. As such, we have made the decision to offer what we feel is the most accessible specification.

Does The Course Include Live Tuition?

This course, includes a weekly live class for students our students via zoom. All live lessons are run as an interactive classroom with activities, notes, and help included.

To allow Holly to provide individual assistance and build strong relationships with our students, we limit our group sizes to 10.

Between lessons, additional assistance is available through the student messaging system.

Do the Course Fees Include Coursework Marking?

Yes. As a fundamental part of the course is your programming project, this is supervised and marked as part of your course fees.

All coursework is completed under our Academic Honesty policy and additional 1-2-1 sessions are included within your fees to cover coursework authentication.

Students will be expected to work to clear deadlines in order for work to be marked and submitted.

Do I need Any Textbooks / Resources?

There is no need for any additional textbook as all resources for learning are included in your course.

Whilst the course has been designed to include all of the information required to study our units, you will require access to certain software to allow you to prepare for the practical aspects of the exam.

It is assumed that you will have access to Office application (Microsoft or Open Office). Other units require a free website account to access them (in particular, <a href=”https://www.repl.it” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Repl.it</a> for programming).

Does The Course Include Practical Programming Skills?

Yes. We ensure that all of our courses from KS3 to A Level include practical aspects in both the independent lessons and live classes. You can expect to be guided through practical programming skills through a series of regular Tutor Marked Assignments that include a programming question every week, and annual mock exams with full tutor feedback.

Should we find ourselves in a situation where exams are cancelled and tutor marked grades are used as a replacement, an additional invigilated mock exam and tutor report will be included at no extra charge.

Do You Offer Any Discounts / Taster Lessons?

I am always happy to offer a trial lesson for a one-off payment of £20 where spaces permit. Alternatively, you can access a pre-recorded taster course <a href=”https://worthing.teachallaboutit.uk/booking/teachallaboutit-taster-day/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>for free here</a>.

Each year, we offer a small number of privately funded scholarships to students who have reserved a place on our courses. To apply for a 2022/23 scholarship place,&nbsp;<a href=”https://worthing.teachallaboutit.uk/scholarship-application/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>please apply here</a>

Do I Have The Option To Cancel?

Your committment to the course is by half term (approximately 6 weeks). Should you find that the course is not for you, your weekly payments will be stopped at the end of the current half term, and a refund will be given for any overpayment where applicable.

Can I Enrol As An Adult Learner?

Although we do not offer our other distance learning courses to adults, we are able to offer a place to adult learners for A Level in line with UK colleges &amp; sixth forms.


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