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A Levels have been updated in the UK over the past few years and are now referred to as “terminal” which means that exams are sat at the end of the two years. Although this is now the case for most UK A Level students, international A Levels and vocational courses will still have formal exams and assessments throughout the course.

Because of these structural differences, it’s important to have a tutor who understands your course of study and exam board fully.

We are currently only offering A Level tuition & courses for Computer Science, and Advanced ICDL. However, A Level Film Studies is also available through our sister company TeachAllAboutFilm.

We often have a waiting list for 1-2-1 tuition, so strongly recommend applying for a place a year before you intend to start lessons.

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Computing is a subject that covers three main areas: Computer Science, ICT, and Digital Literacy.

How Tuition Can Help

Tuition at KS5 is a collaborative effort between tutor and student and will often be student led. By KS5, your tutor’s role is to provide information that you can use to further your understanding.

By the time you reach KS5, you will be working with a specialist in their field who not only understands your subject in depth, but will be able to provide insights into exam technique, marking guidance, and careers advice.

At KS5, individual tuition is always 1-2-1 and with a specialist qualified teacher with examination experience.

Group tuition will always be an interactive experience in a small group of no more than 10, and every group that we run is supported by online resources and regular tutor marking.

Home Education & Private Study For KS5

Home education or independent study at KS5 may be very similar to KS4 or a mixture of both college and home education. By the time we reach KS5 in home education, we’re often seasoned and know what we’re looking for.

As a home educator with a teaching background, Holly redeveloped the KS5 distance learning courses after recent changes to the examination style at A Level meant that accessing international A Level exams became much harder. Instead, she now runs an OCR A Level Computer Science course (including coursework) and as an approved BCS centre, can offer Advanced IDCL exams in person or through remote invigilation.

For the redeveloped A level, to support you as a home educator, “real time” reports of your child’s progress are available to you at every step of the way.

Holly billinghurst - teachallaboutit - online tutor computer science & maths

Holly Billinghurst (she/her)

Lead Tutor Computer Science, Games Design, & Maths

Holly offers 1-2-1, group tuition, and Distance Learning for:

  • KS3 Computing & Maths
  • GCSE / iGCSE Computer Science & Maths
  • iMedia (KS4) Games Design
  • A Level Computer Science

£55 – £65 per hour

** waiting list open for June 2024 **

Jay shurey

Jay Shurey (he/him)

ICT & Film Studies Tutor

Jay is a tutor on our ICDL programme & recommended tutor for Film & Media:

  • ICDL (ICT Level 1 – 3)
  • iMedia (KS4) Media Studies
  • GCSE Film Studies (independent)
  • A Level Film Studies (independent)
Oli howson - computer science tutor

Oli Howson (he/him)

Computer Science Tutor, Higher Education Specialist

Oli offers 1-2-1 tuition for:

  • KS3 Computing
  • GCSE / iGCSE Computer Science
  • A Level Computer Science
  • Undergraduate tuition for Computing / Computer Science
  • Project based learning for IoT

£42 – £65 per hour

** waiting list open for June 2023 **

In addition to tuition, we also run online courses and classes for A Level Computer Science. Click on any of the courses below for moreinformation.